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The Lessons of the Obama Care Policies: Principle of the TREE.

      Oleksiy FesenkoApril 9, 2017

    The TREE stands for Trunk, Roots, Effectiveness and Efficiency. Any tree consists of the underground part: roots, and over the surface part: trunk with the branches and leaves.  The effective surface part is the built up to the functional and the efficient underground part. From this point, any country or agency are having the comparable functions influencing the short and the long run, are breaking point between people and government, officers and the soldiers.

    Does the tree need the effective roots to attract live creatures, who can pollinate it and spread the seeds? No. Does the tree need the effective functioning of the over-the-surface part as the poisonous leafs deadly to birds, the absence of flowers utilizing the precious energy, or spiky seeds to detract animals? In most cases, no.

    In addition, the ‘goal of the tree’ is to maintain the 100% rights for the roots part and the shared rights and values for the over-the-surface part.  Just imagine the officer feeling at home and collecting money from the soldiers for extra military expenses. He (she) is acting contrary to the rules of the domain. On the one hand, he (she) is displaying duress on the soldiers, on the other hand, silently violates the statute subscribing to the higher-level ownership of the tree system. Such officer is likely attempting to looking effectively and successfully, driven by the ambitions. However, a tree looking efficiently, with the underdeveloped root system can wither in an unfavorable year climate, or fail to withstand to the hurricane.

    Senators, Members of the Parliament, Military Officers and Official be aware that extra or unauthorized collections can damage the 'roots' and the long run perspective.