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Does Technology Provide the Temporary Solution to the Outcome of War?

Oleksiy FesenkoMay 30, 2017

The War in Ukraine and the New Technologies.

On the other hand, the new technologies are disruptive and permanent, instead of unexpected  and in a sense temporary. The temporary victories lead to the zero sum outcome. 

Two UAH with Jaroslav the Wise of Kyiv Russ
  If technological war is about the ends what about the means? About the trustworthiness? For example usage of the licensed proprietary software. Trusted enemy is not the enemy anymore. Eliminating the causes of disputes and war early, in a pre-conflict order and on the technological level can be possible. The largest Trump's $110 billion military contract with Saudi Arabia involves the lion's share of the proprietary technologies. So the technologically-proprietary level suggests a solution instead of war which is permanent. This level is a precondition to the prevention of the conflict on a nascent phase.

Anna Yaroslavovna

On May 29, 2017, the Head of Russia had the meeting with the President of France Emmanuel Macron. In the attempt to make up for the lost effectiveness he had noted that Russia attributed to the history of France as early as 1060. According to the allegation of the President of Russia, Anna Yaroslavovna, the wife of Henry 1st of France, dawned from the history of Russia. The daughter of the Prince of Kyiv Russ Yaroslav the Wise was the prominent statesperson of France from 1060 and 1065. To be noted that Moscow - the capital of Russia  - was founded only in 1147.
The picture above of the Two UAH with Jaroslav the Wise of Kyiv Russ.
    What about the causes of war? About the territories, in this case the Kievan Rus, and the proprietary rights thereof? The new technologies are disruptive and permanent, instead of unexpected and in a sense temporary. As a result, the government can early resolve the cause of a war. 
    Why should of two louts to choose the one: ancient or of these days one? Even now, nobody knows who has won if we gained efficiencies but ineffectively have lost the battle for the true history, the proprietary rights, human rights, climatic change, etc.? 
Edited June 16, 2017.

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