Social Responsibility

Of the Citizens, by the Citizens, and for the Citizens.

      I took questions of legitimacy of the governments in Ukraine  - the Achilles' heel since 1917 October Revolution, then 1991-Independance of Ukraine, 2014-Revolution of Gindnist in Ukraine, as the ball  in the people court. Ukraine is chronically lacking trust of the citizens, by the citizens, and for the citizens. 

      I believe that the people disadvantaged otherwise for living in my home-town Zinkiv can not be a ballpark figure, should receive my personal attention and support as I'm providing them with the free living since 2001*.

My Mission Is:
One disadvantaged family of co-citizens in Zinkiv (Poltava Region) is not standing between the devil and the deep blue sea but receiving my advice and financial support.

My Vision Is:
Volunteering to help my co-citizens is the continuous acid test. I'm taking the adopted family with three children as the apple of my eye.  I'm supporting the local community.

My Visibility Statement: 
For the last five years, the initiative cost me an arm and a leg, I have invested in the maintenance of the house around 2, 000 U.S.D. - equal to approximately 17 mean salaries over the Poltava region now.

My Fiscal Disclosure (The Articles of the Independent Entrepreneurship through the Distant Work):
 *In June 2017, the decision was to close the project, the estate was sold in October 2017. I let it go because, in 2016-2017 the Zinkiv local government has resolved to install the industrial capacities populating the area with smoke and the high level of noise. I have finally commited myself after a talk with the head of of Zinkiv city council Maskimenko, who adjudicated that the pollution in this area is irreversible.

Bird's Eye View on the Social Responsibility and the Social Justice

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    Posted Nov 30, 2018, 2:02 PM by Oleksiy Fesenko
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