Social Responsibility

Of the Citizens, by the Citizens, and for the Citizens.

      I took questions of legitimacy of the governments in Ukraine  - the Achilles' heel since 1917 October Revolution, then 1991-Independance of Ukraine, 2014-Revolution of Gindnist in Ukraine, as the ball  in my court. Ukraine is chronically lacking trust of the citizens, by the citizens, and for the citizens. 

      I believe that the people disadvantaged otherwise for living in my home-town Zinkiv can not be a ballpark figure, should receive my personal attention and support as I'm providing them with the free living since 2001.

My Mission Is:
One disadvantaged family of co-citizens in Zinkiv (Poltava Region) is not standing between the devil and the deep blue sea but receiving my advice and financial support.

My Vision Is:
Volunteering to help my co-citizens is the continuous acid test. I'm taking the adopted family with three children as the apple of my eye.  I'm supporting the local community.

My Visibility Statement: 
For the last five years, the initiative cost me an arm and a leg, I have invested in the maintenance of the house around 2, 000 U.S.D. - equal to approximately 17 mean salaries over the Poltava region now.

My Fiscal Disclosure (The Articles of the Independent Entrepreneurship through the Distant Work):

Bird's Eye View on the Social Responsibility and the Social Justice

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