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 June 25, 2016
Why my site's name is As Oleksiy is my name with a generic meaning of “Defender,” what I am doing
to be up to my name? I believe that the meaning of my name is unique in many instances because my grandfather’s name was also Oleksiy.

So what is of this? The thing is not what we are doing, but to which are conclusions we are walking? So in my case, the Name Oleksiy with a meaning “Defender” has the additional connotation, which one?

My best guess is that defense is 100% confidence always of purity, as a rainbow happened when the rain had fallen.  Moreover, it builds on the recognition of honor based on trust which is the multi-facet phenomena.

I would express this concept in the following statement:

The Road by the God.

1) Nobody in the Temple of God shall play blame game seeking about a dirty place.

2) The Way is before the God - one can understand only through making conclusions on the Way.

3) One shall promise to everyone; I will come to save you; return to resurrect you, there is a Truth in you.

From this comes that only prophecy is to inform about the coming Messiah. The Messiah is the person who passed the phases of forming, storming, norming and performing, then came to the valid conclusions in the smaller group. In many cases a war is the way. According to Winston Churchill and his speech given to the House of Commons (May 13, 1940), the way includes "blood, toil, tears, and sweat." The one who can apply the findings on the large group, or on the national level at a phase of forming, storming, or norming to pass faster this way to the stage of performing can be Messiah. Resurrection is the enrichment through learning and design.

For example, the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko was a Messiah on his way, because he passed the phases of forming, storming, norming and performing: Initially, he was property attached by the landowner person (Kripak) who ended as a free and self-actualized person. Then he was able to transfer his experience on the national level through the poetry.

The other conclusion is that by setting a goal and pursuing a strategy, one becomes a visionary, like Edison, who did not receive a formal education. Instead, he engaged in the research and invented the electric bulb in the list among his multiple inventions. 

This website is a point about how to pass between the forming and performing phase (Mind Tools Editorial Team, n.d.) in Ukraine the fastest. 


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